Blaming the Sumarians

Note: in the following extracts from the Seth books 'channelled' by Jane Roberts, Seth speaks a lot in his book, channelled by Jane Roberts, about a specific species or “family of consciousness” with particular creative qualities that he called the SUMARI.  Here he relates the 'SUMARI' or ‘SUMARIANS’ to the ancient SUMERIAN culture (also sometimes referred to and spelled ‘Sumarian’).

What Seth says both affirms David Icke's belief in higher-dimensional beings and also a hybrid 'alien-human' species originating in Sumeria. At the same time Seth implicitly challenges Icke's view of these aliens as wishing to rule over the human race. And though Seth does refer to 'distortions' of this intent he emphasises that we should not rely on human legends stemming from Sumeria as the lens through which to understand the intents of the original SUMARIANS as he calls them - these legends being themselves an expression of those distortions, imposed by the still all-too-human cultural and religious languages and belief systems that evolved in the course of Sumerian history in its many phases - not least the age-old self-fulfilling belief in a war of good and 'evil' forces. 

We should remember also that while Icke constantly and rightly refers to the totally non-empathic and purely calculative egotism of today's global ruling elite.  Yet on another level it needs to be recognised the entirety of human history and the entire ‘human experiment’ was and still is a great new adventure in consciousness – specifically an adventure in ego consciousness.

Certainly, this experiment went very wrong in many ways and has had many bad results that we still see today – all based on a false dualism and separation of ego and self etc. But then every great new experiment can go wrong. And though the errors and distortions of ego consciousness were principally a result of human mistakes, it also has to be recognised that humanity as we know it today simply would not exist without the interest taken in it and gifts granted to it by higher-dimensional consciousnesses such as the SUMARIANS.

Yet by mixing with the human species itself (not for bad reasons but initially just in order to enrich their own consciousness through human forms of experiencing) the Sumarians also became themselves entrapped by human ego-consciousness and egotism. It is this that led to the type of  unwholesome combination of an advanced, higher-dimensional consciousness with egotism that Icke effectively but wrongly blames on 'evil' shape-shifting Sumarians - ignoring at the same time that our human species and its bodily form is as much a native expression of our own higher-dimensional reality - and of the innately formative and shape-shifting power of consciousness  - as that of any 'alien' species of consciousness. 

Below I have underlined the most relevant passages from Seth relating to David Icke's 'Big Picture' - and the place of what he sees only as evil, shape-shifting species of alien consciousness - within it.

In the final passages, Seth also emphasises that the so-called ancient 'past' is not actually'past' at all but that past civilisations co-exist in their own present along with our own present - and that, rather than being fixed in time, not just influence our present but change through interaction with it.     

...your ancestry is indeed varied.There were then visits from others in other planetary systems. In that regard this is quite natural. Your own relative isolation is far from the average. The legends, many of them, therefore, were of course chronicles of quite legitimate physical events, describing phenomena for example for which natives had no adequate vocabulary. They were forced to describe what they saw by making comparisons with objects and events already familiar to them.

It is not nearly as simple as that, however. There is not a one-line development. By the time that feasible inter-system space travel is practical, the psychic abilities are developed to a very high degree. One is necessary for the other. Therefore, it became much more feasible to approach earthmen during their dream state, when their natural fear reactions were somewhat minimized, and where the danger to the visitors was far less.

Out of body encounters were used as a matter of course. The visitor could appear and disappear then without fear of pursuit. Civilizations were often warned in advance of natural disasters that were apparent to the visitors with their greater viewpoint.
Such warnings were either given in the dream state of the earthmen, for the reasons given or often in some secluded place, for often the visitors would be attacked. During these eras, in your terms, the speakers [individual souls who reincarnate as beneficial teachers of humanity] often acted as go-betweens. Often warnings of disaster were not followed. Some warnings were misunderstood, then, as punishment by the gods of ‘moral misdoing'.

"The whole moral code idea was originally tailored for the current scene as it was encountered, told in terms that the natives could understand."
“Some such visitors, in your terms, were more evolved than others. All, however, would appear as superhuman in contrast to those civilizations that encountered them. There were some deliberate experiments, that were in fact far more dangerous to the experimenters, always in which the experimenters tried, in one way or another, tried to advance man’s knowledge.”

In some respects the over enthusiastic use of sound was responsible for the flood mentioned in the Bible, and other literature. It was for this reason that many attempts were made to warn against the impending disaster. The use of sound was important at various times in irrigating dry areas, quite literally by pulling water from a distance.”

“There were several characteristics that proved difficult, however. Literally, the sound traveled further often than was intended, causing consequences not planned upon. Great finesse was important. Sound was also used after irrigation to speed up the flowering of plants, and to facilitate transplantation to other areas. It was also utilized for medicinal purposes in operations, particularly in bone and brain operations.”

“Verbal sounds were often stereotyped simply because the effect of sound was understood in its effects upon the body. Many ideas that are considered superstitious had a quite legitimate basis, therefore.”

“This is a difficult subject. For the movement of heavy tons of rock for example different techniques, using sound and precise mathematical calculations were necessary. Many civilizations grew and flourished in fertile areas simply because the people knew how to make them fertile and to keep them that way.”
 “The Sumarians left the memory of their existence in the Sumerian culture. They initiated it, though they did not direct all of its activities, nor were they responsible for the distortions of their teachings that often resulted. There is a difference then between Sumarian and the culture in the books. Your Sumarian were behind the culture - they initiated that particular civilization.”

“I will be clear. Your Sumarian showed earth people at that time how to communicate, how to initiate crafts, gave them all the fundamentals upon which a civilization then could be based. The Sumarians, your Sumarians however, were not of human stock at that time."

Now. Your Sumarians have become human stock in those terms at other times. It is not a point of them trying to invade a native stock. They simply understood the nature of individual existences. Therefore, they are able to choose from various physical systems those in which they would like to have experience.

They maintain their inner knowledge and integrity, and are born within any given system. They always use their native abilities and talents to help the system, working very strongly in psychic or creative endeavors.

I do not necessarily mean that they are consciously aware of their affiliation. This is an individual matter. They are often inventors, always then involved with the initiation of new ideas or discoveries. All of this follows inner patterns that are specifically human in your terms. Humanity therefore has its own characteristics, and no ‘outside influence’ can go counter to these, but must work with them.

 When it seems that great discoveries come, and then are lost through the ages, perhaps to be rediscovered, it simply means that man’s own nature was not in harmony with them, could not use them properly. Whenever aggressiveness became too misguided it automatically caused the loss of powers or discoveries that could be used to destroy the planet."

This is a natural aspect, the self-protective principle that operates within earth life as you know it. On occasion discoveries were given before their time, and promptly lost, only to be rediscovered ages later.

The problem comes when you try to categorize consciousness or being. The out of body state, in greater terms, is a far more natural state than in the body. You adopt and make a body. You do this now without even knowing that you do so, but a body can be made from the camouflage of any system, constructed easily when you know how to do it.

Space suits are, therefore, and inadequate, clumsy memory of an inner ability to clothe the inner self with whatever camouflage is at hand, to merge with the elements of an environment in such a way that you become a living part of it.

“The Sumarians - your Sumerians (spelled with ‘e’) did this when they initiated the culture spoken about in your books. Their sense of time is completely different, as however your own is innately. It is difficult to explain this, but keeping in touch with a civilization for several thousand years of your earth time, would entail perhaps the same amount of time and effort a man might take in his profession over a period of five to ten years, so the relativity of time is important in that context.”

 Basically - in your terms now - there is no such thing as an isolated, independent earth stock, in that consciousness did not suddenly erupt from the physical behavior or characteristics of your planet, or in any other.

As you know, consciousness comes first, and then forms the physical materializations of it. Those consciousnesses who picked physical materialization choose to operate under certain conditions that then appear as the natural characteristics of a species to you [whether 'human' or 'serpent' or 'reptilian' etc.]

In the present … area in which it seems to you that a physical civilization once existed, that civilization still exists. You cannot meet it though you stand at the same spot, because of the ideas of time that separate you. The civilization in flower, and the ruins, coexist. The living ancient Sumerians pass the modern tourists without seeing them, even as the tourists walk in the middle of the old Sumerian marked places and see only ruins. 

Much of this could be explained in mathematical equations that presently escape you. Your own consciousness is contemporary with the ancient Sumerians as well as with your current selves in your terms.

Think of countries existing simultaneously now on your planet. There are differences in language and culture, and it takes a certain amount of earth time to travel through space to visit them. In the same way all times exist at once, with their peculiar customs, and in your terms within the same space that you know.

You have learned how to make roads through space, but not through time on a conscious level. There are intersections in time and space, however, that you have not recognized. I am speaking in your terms, hopefully to make this simpler. Times exist then as surely as places. You think of time as moving toward something, and of space as relatively stable.

It does not occur to you then that you can get to times, as you can get to places. All of this is highly difficult to explain. I do not mean for example that time, each moment, is a finished and done thing to be visited. While time is not moving in a particular direction, in your terms, each moment explodes outwards, or expands outward in all directions.

Space and time as you understand them ripple through each other. They do not behave as you think they do, however. Presently you understand your existence only as it intrudes into three dimensions. Its own activity is in many other dimensions however.

The Sumari, therefore, appear in or intrude into the three dimensional system from other dimensions.

Because of space travel a visitor might come as a young man, and return some 40 earth years later still appearing as a young man, leading to the idea of immortality and eternal youth of the gods.

 The Olympic gods were perhaps the most amusing of man’s attempt to deify space travelers. Mixed in here strongly were the ideas of gods mating with earth women.

Now. There are bleedthroughs, however, in space and time as you think of them. Remember, all times are simultaneous.

Ideas are not dependent upon preexisting ideas. It is not true to say that man cannot conceive of something that is not already presented to his experience in one way or another. Ideas are free of space and time. Only your determined focus upon your time conceptions closes you off from many ideas that otherwise are available.

In your terms the bleedthrough can occur in both past and present, and idea from today bleeding into the past or the other way around. The ideas will be actualized or put into a practical structure according to your attitude toward them.

Some of the most sophisticated art is from the past. Bleedthroughs result in its being picked up in your present. Theoretically all of the information of so -called lost civilizations is quite available to you, as yours is to them. A closed mind will perceive none of this.

There have indeed been civili­zations upon your planet that understood as well as you, and without your kind of technology, the workings of the planets, the positioning of stars - people who even foresaw ‘later’ global changes. They used a mental physics. There were men before you who journeyed to the moon, and who brought back data quite as ‘scientific’ and pertinent.

There were those who understood the ‘origin’ of your solar system far better than you. Some of these civilizations did not need spaceships. Instead, highly trained men combining the abilities of dream-art scientists and mental physicists cooperated in journeys not only through time but through space. There are ancient maps drawn from a 200 mile-or-more vantage point - these meticulously completed on return from such journeys.

The particular thrust and direc­tion of your own science have been directly opposed to the development of such inner sciences, however, so that to some extent each step in the one direction has thus far taken you further from the other … Until you perceive the innate consciousness behind any "visible" or "invisible" manifestations, then, you put a definite barrier to your own knowledge.

 If you are greatly interested for example in history, then the inner self brings you the information you need from all of its sources. Under certain conditions you maybe propelled through the coordinates and find yourself in the era in which you are interested.

The conscious intent, however, directs the kind of material you receive. If you have no interest in such things, no phenomena will occur strong enough to impress you in the waking state. If is very possible then to be building a civilization that, in your terms, you are now studying, to be interpreting ancient records that you yourself may have written, to be digging up roads that you yourself built.

This applies to your own historical time as well as to others. At other layers, of course, your civilization is already in the past, as in others your civilization does not yet exist. The bleedthroughs, however, mean that each people according to their characteristics, interests and activities, attract certain ideas both from the future and the past, and there is constant interaction. 

Because of this even the past as you think of it, as I told you, is never done and completed, but constantly changed by your present and future.

from 'The Unknown Reality' - a Seth book by Jane Roberts

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